Together, we will empower people with vital new skills leading to meaningful employment and the ability to build better lives.


We are team VITAL - a collaboration between Colaberry, Gleechi and key partners. We are thrilled to take part in the XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling competition with our reskilling solution. VITAL is a group of forward-thinking, mission-driven technologists, engineers, educators, innovators and entrepreneurs. We are passionate about building a future where millions of workers can rapidly reskill to lead productive and rewarding lives. Our international team is diverse and representative of the people we strive to serve, with experience of overcoming adversities in life and in work.

At the heart of our solution VITAL, which stands for Virtual Training for Accelerated Learning, are inclusivity, empathy, and dedication to using technological innovation as a force for good. VITAL aims to radically transform existing workforce training models through skills-based, immersive, data-driven learning, and critical wrap-around services. We unite two award-winning platforms: Colaberry’s Refactored AI and Gleechi VR training platform with a support system that enables our learners to succeed. This holistic approach to supporting our learners is the secret sauce of our solution.

To impact as many people as possible, we want to expand our network of partners and work with organizations at the local, state or federal level, whether private, government or non-profit.


CEO, Gleechi
The Gleechi Virtual Reality training platform uses VirtualGrasp™ technology to provide natural interaction within virtual environments. Natural interaction gives participants the freedom to learn-by-doing, safely developing and practising new skills with the confidence to apply them to real-world operations and procedures. Companies using the Gleechi VR training platform are able to radically reduce travel and training costs and minimise business disruption while improving safety and efficiency.


Ram Katamaraja

CEO, Colaberry
Our company is built on the foundation of inclusivity, empathy and a dedication to use technological innovations as a force for good. To help individuals build a life that they love. To help companies prosper in the age of AI. Whether you are looking to make a big change in your career or transition your company into a data-driven enterprise, Colaberry is here to help you reach the highest levels of your potential. We provide end-to-end solutions to develop today’s workforce for success in tomorrow’s workplace and transform organizations into agile, AI-powered industry leaders.