Meet the team - Gleechi

Team VITAL is a collaboration between Colaberry, Gleechi and key partners. We bring together our respective platforms to provide a complete solution for rapid reskilling. 

Our approach to XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling competition involves three key components: the application of data, virtual reality training and a support framework to guide and help participants meet the goal of securing employment, empowered with new, relevant skills. 

Through unifying the strengths of our respective platforms, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution that can deliver rapid reskilling. Gleechi provides the VR training component while Colaberry use their platform to develop and support participants in their reskilling journey.

Meet Gleechi

Gleechi is a startup based in Stockholm, Sweden that provides a VR training platform built upon over eight years of award-winning scientific research and verified by over 30 scientific publications in major conferences and journals. The platform is used by industry leaders such as ABB, SAAB and Siemens to deliver VR training that provides both hard and soft skills development.

At the centre of the Gleechi VR training platform is VirtualGrasp™, a technology that enables natural hand interaction. Through a combination of machine learning and algorithms, natural interaction gives participants the ability to freely interact with the virtual training scenario and learn-by-doing. The freedom of interaction is essential in realising the value in VR training - participants can explore, make mistakes and better transfer and relate the skills developed in virtual reality to real-life work scenarios.

VR is, in essence, an enabling technology and provides a highly effective way to deliver high-quality immersive training. The pedagogical value is realised through applying a pedagogical framework that Gleechi has developed and validated with research institutes such as RISE SICS (Research Institutes of Sweden) and CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).

The framework offers an opinionated approach to pedagogy - using best-practices developed from industry experience and participant analysis, together with proven UX components that facilitate rapid learning. By applying the framework, VR training scenarios are designed to maximise the participants opportunity to learn and develop new skills independently.

Measuring the effectiveness of VR training is essential in understanding the participants needs. VR provides a unique opportunity to deliver fresh learning experiences anywhere and through developing an understanding of participants training, VR training scenarios can be expanded and iterated to close skill gaps and improve the learning experience. 

The Gleechi platform measures and provides insights into how VR training scenarios are being consumed which can then be used to refine the experience, such as providing participants with more guidance in specific areas or adding more emphasis on particular training task. 

Understanding how participants are consuming rapid training and forming new skills is vital in meeting the objectives of the XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling competition. By bringing together the unique insights into how participants are learning in VR with the Colaberry platform, individuals will be better supported and guided according to their individual needs and requirements.